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Come join me in our vibrant and positively charged studio, a convenient 7 minute walk from Kenley overground station, Zone 6 and bus stopping right outside.

Free Parking available.

Suited for shy beginners, new mums or busy people looking for bespoke sessions and flexibility of timings.
Yoga at your own pace… in our safe and friendly studio. The sessions are designed to meet your individual needs and create an alignment of your mind, body and spirit. You will find rejuvenation throughout your cells to help you blossom into lightness and joy, fully refreshed. Recommended before joining the group classes.
A consultation before setting up a session for 15 minutes is FREE.

All ages and levels welcome - is a very well-rounded class that brings in all the elements of yoga - you connect with your breathing ( Pranayama), your body with postures ( Asanas), and your mind with philosophy and meditation (Dhyana) - in a way that is uncommon in many adult classes. Experience your natural rhythm creating an enhanced
sense of control at all levels. Each class has a theme which brings focus and variety. Our classes are akin to a musical
symphony exuding love and friendly vibes for all participants.

Suitable for kids aged 4- 7 years.

Being a mom to a growing toddler, I found Yoga as an excellent way for my kid and his friends to gain self confidence, learn calming techniques, build concentration and strengthen their body in a fun and playful way. A bonus for mom's to make new friends too ! I offer Yoga in schools too as I believe Yoga empowers kids with a strong mental, emotional and physical foundation in life – an essential foundation for them to lead happy and meaningful lives.

For those keen to deepen their Yoga practice I create various workshops as a blend of Mindfulness, Meditation, NLP and Reiki. All practices promote wellness and will empower you to build a profound and long- lasting connection to your inner self. You will increase your resilience to stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, enrich your relationships, boost brain functions and enhance your immunity.

And most importantly you will radiate health and happiness.

Love Yoga for Couples - popular Specialist Yoga workshop.

Yoga and Meditation is a profound way to connect with your 'special partner'. All moves in Yoga can be performed as a couple, supporting each other with your body, mind and emotions. In an innovative and insightful way you will experience a natural rhythm flowing, deepening the love and understanding between partners. A great 'gift' to each other but don't wait for a special occasion - as every day is a present!

Reiki transformed my life in many incredible ways and I am passionate to share this so you can see it works ! I am interested in your journey and am here to facilitate you to empower yourself with the subtle powerful energy of Reiki which can manifest positive outcomes for you. Bespoke 1 to 1 courses for Reiki I, II and Reiki Mastership program. Lifetime membership to Energy Circle and unlimited on going support. Accredited member of UK Reiki Federation.

Discover who you really want to be with Neuro Lingusitic Programming and Time Line Therapy. Very effective in getting rid of long standing negative emotions of anger, guilt, fear, sadness and hurt in just 2 days! We spend two intensive sessions together and you will free yourself of 'heavy baggage' and skip spritely towards your goals. Bespoke one to one sessions designed after pre session discussions. Collaborative process of creating positive results for you! Accredited with ABNLP for professional standards.

You do not need to feel 'stuck' or 'unfulfilled' any more. Set up your 6 skype coaching sessions and start making your dreams into reality. Whether you looking to create 'vibrant health', 'work life balance', 'me time', 'career change', 'increasing confidence', or 'conflict resolutions'. As a Coach, my role is to empower you with skills and techniques that raise your awareness, stimulate your creativity and equip you with a winning mindset which gives you the confidence to gain clarity about your goals and leap forward with conviction to take inspired action to bridge the 'gap' between where you are and where you wish to be.