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Terms & Conditions

1. To check availability before booking membership, please complete the contact us page. You will receive an email/ call within 48 hours.

2. Membership bookings can be done by making online payment only. The account details will be emailed to you along with a YOGA CONSENT FORM after a email/phone chat. Full upfront payment to be made to avail all inclusions of each membership. 

3. ONLINE bookings are mandatory to attend each Yoga and Workshop Sessions.

4. You can book your Yoga class by using the link www.yogawellness.studio/booking atleast 72 hours before scheduled time. You can book up to 10 Yoga sessions in one go. You can receive a link on mobile to manage your bookings conveniently.

5. Please ensure you receive an email confirming your appointment to avoid disappointment. It can take up to 24 hours after your booking on the system. For any help on booking online, please call/ whatsapp Punam at 07783 071214 in advance. Management/ Studio reserves the right to refuse you from attending a class if they have not received your online booking.

6. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM CLOSES 24 HOURS BEFORE A SCHEDULED CLASS. To make any last minute bookings, you need to text/whatsapp Punam on 07783 071214 and this will be approved based on availability. 

7. To avoid any cancellation charges, you need to cancel online atleast 48 hours before the scheduled class. Please read the Cancellation Policy for more details.

8. All 1:1 classes, group classes and Yoga workshops can be held in studio or online. Both sessions are counted equally under the memberships. 

9. Corporate members who are eligible for Unlimited  GroupYoga Lessons under the Mindful Yogi  package or availing Gift vouchers for 1:1 Yoga sessions must complete aYoga Consent Form and make online bookings for each class.

10. Reiki Wellness Membership + NLP Wellness Coaching Membership will be face to face sessions only.

11. Gift Vouchers can be redeemed by member or transferred to a guest after informing Yoga Teacher on info@yogawellness.studio. The Yoga teacher will arrange a call with guest before confirming the transfer. This is to understand the goals of the guest and discuss available dates. An email invite will be sent to guest for 1:1 session at Studio or Online and a Yoga Consent Form will need to be signed and emailed back before the session. Online booking by guests is required as per Clause 3.

12. Gift Vouchers of Yoga sessions unutilised within the valid period of membership will lapse and NO refund will be due.

13. Unutilised Discounts on Workshops and FREE workshop offers will lapse after the period of membership ends. Management has discretion to extend this discount on a case by case basis.

14. Management/ Studio reserves the right to cancel any class with less than 24 hour notice on an emergency basis and you will not be charged for this class, nor any refund given.

15. COVID Requirements : While our Studio has all equipment, as per government guidelines, please bring your own Yoga Mat, 1 Yoga block and a bottle of water.

16. Please do not attend the Studio if you are experiencing ‘flu’/Covid like symptoms or recently recovering from it.

17. It is your responsibility to inform the Yoga Teacher if anyone in your household has tested positive for Covid symptoms in the last 14 days.

18. It is your responsibility to inform us if you have travelled back from a destination that requires a mandatory 14 days quarantine.

19. It is your responsibility to inform the Yoga teacher if you are suffering from any medical illness or injury that can get worse due to Yoga so necessary modifications can be suggested.

20. You are required to sign a Yoga Consent Form before your 1st Yoga session.

21.. No food is allowed in the Studio (except for the Wellness Workshops)

22. All Covid Protocols will be maintained and updated.

23. Please read our Cancellation Policy and Privacy Policy before booking your membership