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Wellness Coach

Punam Sharma brings extensive hands on expertise in a variety of wellness tools and techniques. Punam is a Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Faciltator, Wellness Coach, NLP Practitioner, Corporate Trainer, Holistic Therapist.  Reiki Master and a Singer.

A yoga practitioner over 15 years, in 2015 she trained as an accredited Yoga Teacher completing 500 hours of yoga training in classical style of Yoga – HathaYoga and the Vinyasa Flow Yoga along with specialist knowledge of Yoga Philosophy, Ayurveda, Yogic diets, Meditations, Kriyas, Bandhas and Mudras. 

She considers herself very fortunate to receive this training in India from a school which followed authentic Yoga principles and practices. She is registered with Yoga Alliance International and has been teaching one to one yoga and group yoga classes since 2015. As the Founder of Yoga Wellness Studio, she brings her innate style of connecting easily with people, a deep sense of personal conviction and understanding of the benefits of all the tools offered and delivering them in a fun and joyous way.

You will cherish your interaction with her and feel unconditional respect as she regards each client as unique and brings a coaching and caring quality to all her clients in facilitating them to radiate health and happiness.

Punam brings extensive hands on sales and leadership experience, specialising as a Senior Private Banker over 20 years. Punam’ s journey to founding Yoga Wellness Studio in Kenley took her from a career as a private banker to becoming a corporate trainer and coach and then a Yoga Teacher.

Her first journey started when she was recruited on campus by a Multinational blue chip as a sales professional. It was as though she had stepped on a roller coaster of targets and the only way to survive was to very quickly learn skills to understand and manage her mental, physical and emotional health to excel in her roles.

She engaged and worked alongside a clinical psychologist to complete 500 hours of training in Transactional Analysis in 1994 which boosted her interpersonal skills at work and made her happier. Having tasted the empowerment and the ability to improve the quality of her life , she continued to learn new skills alongside her career which included becoming a Reiki Master, a qualified Performance Coach , a certified NLP Practitioner and an internationally registered Yoga Teacher.

Her striving for personal growth and spiritual development eventually led her to take the bold step of moving away from the lures of the corporate world and to dedicate her time to facilitate others to make choices towards a more liberating, fulfilling, healthier and happier life. In 2012, Punam launched her 1st wellness business- Rainbow Success Ltd – a company that creates Extraordinary Outcomes and is a catalyst for change, growth and excellence for individuals and corporates. Not content to rest on her laurels Punam continued her professional development and add other specialist skills to her tool kit.

She established a Coaching Community where she facilitated group coaching for entrepreneurs setting up business by providing an effective platform for them to learn, share and grow.

Evolution of Yoga Wellness Studio in 2015 -Punam initiated a strong practice of yoga in 1995 to bring balance to her demanding lifestyle. Since then her yoga and meditation practice has become a beautiful backdrop to her life. In 2015, she went to India and qualified herself as a Yoga and Meditation teacher in the traditional Hatha Yoga style as well as the Vinyasa ( Power Yoga) style.

She emphasizes the true spirit and philosophy behind yoga. Strong but soft, dynamic yet meditative – there is an emphasis on right and skilful action to bring inner peace, balance and harmony.

She enjoys being creative and experimental with her teaching, working with a variety of themes, ideas, different sequences and a range of postures to help students deepen their practice and understanding.

Classes have a meditative quality – learning to be present, not on ‘automatic pilot’, so that they can practic being as fully alive as possible in each moment in everyday life – not just on the mat.

She conducts exciting regular workshops throughout the year where you will get an opportunity to learn and dive into an enhanced experience created by a Fusion of seemless blend of a few time tested techniques that complement each other! You can click on the VIDEO TESTIMONIALS on Home Page under 'Our Services'.

Punam's personal life has evolved beautifully too. After qualifying as a Yoga Teacher, she moved out to live in a picturesque suburb of London, enjoying being a mother, singing at cues'ltural events, and is actively supporting charities in her community.

Testimonial from Punam's Yoga Teacher, Puck Aren in 2015:

As a student, Punam is attentive, punctual and curious. She wants to know and is not shy to ask. As a teacher she likes to be creative and has a fun way of getting her students to follow her sequence.

Her vast knowledge of Yoga as a whole is transmuting throughout her classes. As a friend she is fun, laughing a lot and always ready to listen. She shares freely her life experiences and being in her company is always very interesting. I can't really distinguish Punam into student, friend and teacher because her genuine personality shines through in all aspects of life and I wish her all the best as she continues her journey.

A former successful corporate professional, Punam has enjoyed working internationally with diverse people for over 20 years where she provided bespoke financial solutions to her clients. She chose to hang in her boots on the glitzy corporate lifestyle to bring her wealth of personal and professional experience to create bespoke wellbeing solutions.

Her corporate career gave her a profound insight into the gap faced by most individuals between their success and well being. Punam launched Rainbow Success Ltd in 2012 where she works as a Change Coach and NLP Trainer facilitating positive transformation. Punam continues to support professionals and individuals to achieve their goals and create extraordinary outcomes for themselves. Punam launched Yoga Wellness Studio in 2015 to expand her services with YOGA leading the way to Radiate Health and Happiness.


Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher ( 2015) – accredited with Yoga Alliance International
• Reiki Master since 2000. Member of UK Reiki Federation                                                                                                                                                       • Mindful Meditations facilitator UK- Vipassana and Gurdjieff meditations.                                                                                                           Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis Practitioner ( 2012)- accredited with ABNLP.                                                                                                    • Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (2012)– accredited with ABNLP                                                                                                         . Anthony Robbins- Unleash your potential workshop in 2012.                                                                                                                             Advanced Color Therapist ( 2005)- Accredited from India
• Active Meditations Teacher (2003)- Accredited in India
• Accredited Chakra Healer ( 2003) - Accredited in India.                                                                                                                                             Transactional Analysis and Person Centered Counselling, 500 Hours ( 2003) - Accredited in India 
• Advanced Crystal Healer (2000)- Accredited in India
• Fundraiser for charites over 10 years in UK- Member of executive board for CRY UK Charity,
  Volunteers for Barnados, South East Cancer Charity, UK.( 2018)

Punam believes that learning is an ongoing journey and continues to upgrade her skills with continuous professional development. Is in process of qualifying as a KIDS YOGA TEACHER in October  2018

To empower and inspire every human being to believe in his/her uniqueness, to foster their courage and skills to support them to live their Best possible life – experiencing wellbeing at the core. This will be achieved through working hand in hand with individuals and corporates offering bespoke solutions of time tested tools that create alignment of the body, mind, emotion and spirit. To provide easy accessability of high quality services at affordable prices and create a positive impact on maximum lives. To provide a safe, non competitive and fun environment for learning so that clients can enjoy the process as they embark on a journey of positive change and discovery within themselves.

A certain proportion of work will be dedicated towards community upliftment where we will reach out to vulnerable people by volunteering services to various charities/ local communities. We offer FREE Yoga for the elderly by offering our services at local community centers in the boroughs of Croydon and Surrey.

At the heart of our work is our philosophy that true wellness is achieved through an alignment and balance between our body, mind, emotions and Spririt. Yoga as a powerful wellbeing tool that has a positive impact at all levels, along with other time tested wellbeing skills to become more easily understood and accessible to all human beings so they can live their life with awareness, blossoming into their full potential. It is our mission and vision to support as many people as we can, to achieve fulfilment in all aspects of their lives to lead fulfilled lives- radiating health and happiness.

I am grateful for my struggle as it helped me find my strength......

I have a lot to be grateful for and each morning I wake up with a small gratitude prayer and each night I sleep counting the blessings of the day. Practicing daily Reiki helps as gratitude is an integral part of it.

Ever since I first met Louise Hay in 1991 ( through her book Heal your Life).I am grateful each day, consciously, I have used her teachings of self love, affirmations and index of health and emotions indicators ever since. And I have shared this knowledge with all my clients and friends to support them to manifest their dreams. I am grateful to all my teachers who I have had the good fortune to meet along my conscious journey to discover my inner bliss.

To Neelam Chowdhary for her radiant persona which attracted me to dive into Buddhism in 1991.

To Akash Dharmaraj who I met in 1996 and a life changing transformative journey began for me. With her I became aware of my 'unconscious incompetence' in dealing with my life situations and worked zealously to evolve into 'conscious competence'. Over a span of six years I enjoyed dramatic inner shift as I learnt, practiced and taught Transactional Analysis, many healing and meditative practices together with her. Akash is a lifelong friend and we work together blending our skills to provide wellbeing solutions in international retreats. I am utterly grateful for Akash's presence in my life and her love.

To Sister Shivani and Sister Shireen of Brahmakumaris for their innumerable videos on life lessons that deeply inspired me to learn Raj Yoga in 2009. What left an indelible mark on me is that they provide all workshops including residential free of cost, all across the globe! They inspired me to become more charitable with my time and resources to support others with my skills and the seeds of my company were born.

To Abhayji and Manisha, my Yoga teachers in India who I met in 2015 for being role models of the Yoga and Meditation teachings and its principles. For providing authentic knowledge of Yoga. For inspiring me to further my spiritual development

I am grateful for my mum, Primla, for being a loving, strong, stylish and an absolutely amazing companion to me all my life. She has inspired me to live a life of integrity upholding our personal values. I am grateful for my father, Ravindra, for being a very loving, supportive and caring Dad. He inspires me with confidence that I can achieve anything that I dream of and makes me believe I am capable of much more than I think. Both my parents have stood by me as a rock through the vicissitudes of my life and I pray for their continuous good health and happiness.

To my brothers Avneesh and Atulya for their consistent love, huge support, caring and sharing all through.

To my beloved husband Vivek, my deep gratitude as he is truly the wind beneath my wings. I love him for his unfailing support, deep love and generous heart. I could not have manifested any of my dreams without him. He is my soul mate and best friend.

To my adorable son, Krish. His arrival in my life has marked a period of pure joy for me ! He is the most gorgeous and lovely child anyone can dream of. I cherish each day being his mum. Bless !!